Temporary Hiatus

I’m still hoping this will be a useful resource in the future. I do plan to come back to this, but I’m about to leave the country for 6-18 months to backpack South East Asia, and I’m not particularly confident that I’ll have regular enough internet access to keep this blog updated.

Ideally better updates to return in 2016! Thank you all!



Work in progress

Still working on setting up a better source list for RSS feeds and better way of disseminating news rather than simply re-posting everything. Work in progress!

Starting Out

Bare with me as I reacquaint myself with WordPress and Scoop.it. But- assuming I don’t get burnt out, my goal is to be able to generate a weekly summary of relevant articles based of results of scoop.it searches here. Relevant articles are defined as those which relate to “comprehensive corrections reform,” a title I’ve selected to refer to the policy, systems, and environmental (or social determinants)  changes which can help to bring about reform in the correctional system. Incarceration reform is a absolutely key part of this, but I do believe that social determinants, and many elements not necessarily addressed in conversations on incarceration are also important, so my hope is to retrieve articles related to these as well.