December 10th Summary

In these times- “Chipping Away At The System:” Maya Shcenwar on Alternative to Our Justice System– I’m curious to know what others think of this book. I’m sure it’s important for people to remember the emotional toll of incarceration as well as statistics, but I’m curious to know if the author’s proposals for non incarceration corrections solutions are detailed and articulated well enough to be analyzed for feasibility and effectiveness. I’m wary of making a judgement call one way or the other on that without having read the book yet, but admittedly I’m skeptical.

Justice Policy Institute- Calculating the Full Price Tag for Youth Incarceration– report on full costs of youth incarceration.

PBS- Feds to Reconsider Harsh Prison Terms for Drug Offenders– Considerations being made for restructuring of federal mandatory minimum guidelines. Nice, but does not push state guidelines, and IMO could go much farther.

Desert Dispatch- Drug seizures increase at county jails– Not sure if these statements about attributing the cause of the increase are true, but 109% increase is likely nothing to shake off. (unless of course it’s a real increase from 2 incidents to 4)

Citywatch- California’s Prison Reform Making Things Worse at County Jails– Less than this article is interesting (criticisms like these seem somewhat common IMO) read the response at the end from Jeffrey Callison, Press Secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, who suggests while perhaps drug confiscation in county jails is on the rise, that jail populations have not risen disproportionately to where they would have otherwise.