December 9th Summary Business Behind Bars- IMO- this is exactly the sort of reform we need to stay away from, exploiting incarcerated people for abysmal wages seems to me to be both morally wrong and likely only to lead to very poor policy, unlikely to slow incarceration growth. Thankfully, I am skeptical this is actually gaining the traction this post implies, but nevertheless it’s a good reminder to me to stay wary of some proposals as the ever increasing framing of corrections reform as a bipartisan issue expands. Bill would require NJ prisons to limit solitary confinement– here’s hoping we see some duplicate legislation around the country.

Lansing State Journal- ‘Gutted’ sentencing reform bill passes full Michigan house– always sad to see otherwise quality legislation gutted, but what else is new. Jail release could depend on prediction of risk– How does this more data-driven bail risk assessment differ from offender scores or other systems of determining risk? Hypothetically I’m inclined to support it, but I really need more detail about how it’s calculated.