November 25th Summary

PEW Charitable Trusts- States Project 3% Increase in Prisoners by 2018

Argus Leader- Justice Reform holds prison population steady in South Dakota

Quartz- It’s not Ferguson: US cops who kill are rarely indited– and the data are poorly managed

The Economist- Criminal Cities– The author at times uses the phrase “crime rate” vaguely, and I think interchangeably with violent crime rate, thought if not, than there is considerable room for error in their speculation of falling “crime” rates as possibly related to city to city immigration. Similarly, I’m not convinced that the poor economic climates of the cities they’ve mentioned, or perhaps the presence of better social programs among the comparisons, is not a better hypothesis for why violent crime has fallen in some cities but not others. Regardless, interesting to think about; more important to remember that there are harsh regional disparities in crime rates, violent or otherwise, and that declining national rates may be masking some of the most disparate locations.