November 21st Summary

Huffington Post- For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go To Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man– Has anyone seen official responses to this post? I don’t doubt the authors credentials, but I do wonder what the criticisms would be.

KSFY- ABC- Tribal Parole Pilot Program helps to reduce prison population

The Marshall Project- Overlooking Rape– News on New Orleans reopening hundreds of rape cases, plus background on reportedly low rape rates likely being the result of decreased investigation by police.

PBS- Point of View– Not all that new of information, but sort of interesting to read statements side by side of pro vs. opposed incarceration reform folks.  Though there is something artificial about it, as I think that many of the “pro” individuals identified, might agree with the criticisms of violent offenders given by the “opposed” side, where there’s not a whole lot written on the views of non violent offenders.

The Marshall Project- Is the Criminal Justice System Defensible?– A spirited essay debate between Judge Harvie Wilkinson III and Stephen Bright, lecturer at Yale Law school and president of the Southern Center for Human Rights. Judge Wilkinson believes that criticism of the American justice system is one sided and over-exaggerated, professor Bright argues against this. Really interesting read, obviously, self-evident through this blog I’m on the side of professor Bright, but a healthy dose of an opposing view point seems to me to be a smart move every now and then.

The Detroit News- Michigan prison sentence reform gains momentum

NPR Utah- Utah Lawmakers Consider Bringing Back the firing squad– Kind of absurd.



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