November 14th Summary

Huffington Post- Corrections reform optimistic despite lame duck session– More optimism that a bi-partisan proposal for corrections reform might come up federally over the next two years. Here’s hoping it’s not unfounded.

Saint Peter’s Blog- Project on Accountable Justice Released report on Florida Prison Reform

Built In Chicago- Jail Education Solutions to assist with educational reforms in Philadelphia prison system– Real curious to see if there’s success with this sort of model. Certainly get points for creativity.

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange- States are failing to protect juvenile records, study shows– For details on the scoring system, scroll to the end of the article for a link to the interactive map with more details.

University of Ontario- FSHH student investigates cost-effectiveness of drug-treatment courts– Readers interested in cost effectiveness or return on investment studies of drug courts or therapeutic courts in general might also look up a meta-analysis by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Release- New UK Drug Report Leads to Same Old Political Rhetoric– Provides a pretty insightful summary of the recent report, as well as a critique of officials responses to it.


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