November 10th Summary

New Jersey Spot Light- Since implementing a new program known as the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, New Jersey has had 71 percent fewer juvenile incarcerations.

The Cap Times- Sheriff calls jail conditions inhumane, works to gather support for reforms. Longer expose style piece, highlighting both the lack of resources for mental health treatment/diversion programs, and human and financial consequences of what happens when people with preventable criminal episodes end up in jails. Pretty cool to see law enforcement taking a role in gathering support for treatment.

Prison Legal News- Modern-Day Slavery In America’s Prison Workforce– Longer Op-Ed, if you’re not familiar with the roots of prison work in convict leasing, what was historically referred to as “slavery by another name,” pretty good read for that. On a larger note, calls into question a sort of hidden cost of incarceration, since it’s well established that should prisoners be paid, say, even minimum wage, the cost of maintaining these facilities would grow by an order of magnitude.

Bayview- Last day for public comment to oppose censorship of letters in Pelican Bay

Open Society Foundation- ACLU receives $50 million dollar grant to address incarceration reform.

Urban Institute- The Justice Reinvestment Initiative– Series of experiences and policy recommendations from participating collaboratives across the country. Curious how the collaborative approach works out for some of these recommendations, not really expressed in detail in this report but interesting nonetheless.


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