November 6th summary

Law Students For Reproductive Justice- Cultural Competency in Drug Courts– I’ve always felt this was somewhat lacking from Therapeutic Court Programs, as compared to other public health or social service interventions. That’s really an opinion statement, I don’t know what a systematic review would say.

Virgin- US states vote wide reaching drug policy reform– Provides some summary of election night. Historic recreational marijuana initiatives pass in Oregon and Alaska, decriminalization passes in DC, In Florida, medical comes 3 points away from the 60% majority needed for an initiative to pass. Prop 47 in California passes!

Center for Court Innovation- Why courts hold the key to better drug treatment– Op ed style piece expounding the virtues of drug courts, not a lot of new information here but not bad to read if you’re in need of a refresher.

Santa Fe New Mexican- “Mindfulness” sessions help Drug Court offenders fight addiction, stress– Interesting to think what the evidence might say on this, or what sort of study could come out of this court in the future.

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange- California Takes on Harsh Discipline and Academic Inequities for Black, Latino Students- Few months back this entire process started, culminating in lawsuit against the school district to try and rectify the lack of college prep, and redundant classes students in higher risk schools in CA are subjected to.


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