November 3rd Summary

The Daily Beast- Why Isn’t Prison Reform on The ballot? IMO, somewhat hyperbolic, since I’m not so sure it isn’t, at least not in CA, and certainly with some isolated instances with other reps around the country. But the author does pose an interesting point- Bill Clinton suggests incarceration reform will be a major issue in 2016, yet it doesn’t seem to be appearing systematically in states throughout the nation, and certainly not in the areas in the south with the highest need, as this article highlights.

Corrections Officers’ Benevolent Association- San Francisco Jails vs. New York City Jails. If nothing else, this highlights the complexities of cross sectional analysis between prisons/jails/courts in different regions of the country. It’s an truism that not all interventions are likely to work everywhere, and noting the vast differences in demographics and correctional infrastructure in these examples really highlights this.

Kane County Chronicle- Juvenile Offenders to be judged by their peers– describes a new policy in Kane County that will allow juvenile offenders charged with “non serious, non-violent crimes” to be judged by a jury of their own adolescent peers, while avoiding the court system. Very creative idea, though I’m curious what the evidence base suggests, and of course what is defined as “non serious” crime.

Corrections One- Ex-con seeks reforms for America’s aging inmates– For the record, Ralph Spinelli is also a really nice guy.


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