October 31st Summary

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Report- State Criminal Justice Reforms and Investments in Education.  A lot of this report is somewhat redundant to criminology rates that seem to commonly circulated in media (e.g rising incarceration rates, ethnically disparate rates, incarceration rates rising independent or crime rate, etc) but the tie to education spending and investment adds a new an interesting lens, somewhat more empiraclly then I’ve seen advanced before.

i100- Drug Decriminalization Policies International Map– Quite a bit more detail really needed to understand each policy than is given in the map, but, gives an interesting perspective nonetheless.

Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Blog- Changing Prison from the Inside Out– always inspiring to see inside organizing.

The Atlantic- Inner-City Violence in the age of Mass Incarceration-Have to admit I know very little about the work surrounding historic violence rates or their connection drug policy and mass incarceration. This article however, makes what seems to me to be a very persuasive case on the links between mass incarceration, drug policy, and racially and income disproportionate violence.

The Telegraph- What happens if you decriminalize drugs? Really interesting piece that seems to me, to argue that drug use rates and associated crime and infection (think HIV, Hep C) rates rise and fall independent of decriminalization, IMO strengthening the force behind ethical arguments in this area. Article looks at rates from Portugal and offers then in comparison to UK, and a few other locations.



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