October 30th Summary

Warner Cable News- Rikers Island to receive grant for reducing inmate self harm

The Oklahoman- Lawmakers can’t have it both ways on corrections– An excellent op-ed covering the frustration of what happens when political will fails to take up a suggestion for how to address issues in the correctional system. Either reform or increased incarceration is probably a risky decision for a politician to make, but no decision seems to be just as bad

Teaching “The New Jim Crow”– a set of teaching modules to accompany Michele Alexander’s book

Huffington Post- Milk Not Jails– I have to admit the name through me off, but this is a really insightful organization. The effects of prison development in rural areas have been in some ways very stimulating for these economies, leaving ample room for unintended consequences of incarceration reform. This organization then, is in some ways it seems to me, ahead of the curve, being prepared with economic solutions to these problems in the form of support for the agricultural industries of these areas.


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