October 15th Summary

Sorry for missing the last few days, I’ve been at a conference with very limited email access. At any rate, some summary from the last few days:

Florida’s Aging Prison Population – A solid review of Florida’s aging prison population and estimates of the high economic cost this may yield. Home of the first Drug Court, one can’t help but wonder if Florida might continue an unexpected lead on prison reform with some sort of PSE solution to elderly prisoners? Potential solutions listed include: Utilizing Clemency Powers and Creating an Early Release Program for aging and ailing prisoners.

Fewer inmates in Alabama are being released early – I wonder if this was more systematically evaluated somewhere? I don’t doubt the truth of the statement, but empirically speaking just comparing the difference of % of inmates paroled in 2009 vs. 2013, seems likely to miss part of the story to me. Most of the article is sort of an emotional anecdote, which again, has value certainly, but doesn’t address my comment.

Artists for 47 – Not really any PSE content, but interesting to see this sort of support for Prop 47 in CA.

Colorado marijuana revenues hit a new high

In Their Own Words, Inmates discuss the riddle of Juvenile Justice- Summary of a new report that collects direct feedback from inmates on juveniles tried as a adults, and potential solutions. Although the approach is different with the direct involvement of juvenile inmates, the proposed solutions didn’t strike me as dramatically different. Thoughts on this?


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