An Overview of Public Opinion and Discourse on Criminal Justice Issues


A very lengthy a well done report, summarizing a years worth of meta-analysis and independent research done to inform an understanding of public opinion on criminal justice issues. Let me go ahead and recommend the executive summary for those not wanting to wade through a 100 page report.

One thought off the cuff though- a suggestion is made that messaging should focus more on values (e.g ethical arguments for criminal justice reform) and less of fiscal impacts, as the latter is disproportionally given in the media. If I understand it correctly, the intent behind this recommendation is to a.) even the understanding of arguments in favor of reform and b.) If we want to bring about PSE changes, an ethical transition is what is ideal. After all if it’s really just fiscal issues we care about, cheaper ways of incarcerating people would become a viable alternative (if they existed).

Curious to hear others thoughts on this.


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