October 10th Summary

Estimated results of Mississippi’s 2014 Corrections and Criminal Justice Reform Key Results include anticipated savings of $266 million through 2024, and reducing the current inmate population below existing levels.

Prop 47: Estimated savings and reduced inmate population

Critics Point to Problems in Louisianan’s Reformed Juvenile Justice System

Improving Recidivism as  Performance Measure. Performance Measures are key to the way federal public health grants function, I really see no reason why they shouldn’t be utilized in corrections, as measures of the success of state & federal correctional systems.

No Country for Young Men.  Startling Op-Ed about the few southern states that continue to see rising juvenile incarceration rates, despite the national trend of decline.

Five-state analysis of difference in reductions of harms of criminalization of marijuana after decriminalization or legalization Not surprisingly, Colorado with the most expansive legalization, has the lowest crime rates. Data are not available really for WA yet. Also interested to see if the declining rate present in California, while presenting well vs. national trends and state by state comparison, match up with existing trend data for California, or if these declines were truly unanticipated and thus perhaps more indicative of a casual relationship. Also key to note, racial disparities in arrest rates did not decline following decriminalization or legalization. The true numbers behind the rates fell considerably, but the disparity remains.

Either way this is a cool report, you should read it.


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