October 9th Summary

UPI- Bill Clinton says Prison Reform will be a hot-button issue in 2016

Gothamist- You’re Old and finally out of prison- What happens now? Op-ed, expose style piece covering many of the challenges experienced both by elderly prisoners, and those released from prison at older ages. Quality read.

J of Drug Policy- Medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders in correctional settings: an ethics review. This is available on ScienceDirect, happy to pull as needed. Key finding is essentially that yes, based on the treatments ethical justifications, it is strongly suggested to be ethical in correctional settings.

USN- Complaints at troubled Alabama women’s prison often deemed unfounded by state investigators. This is a challenging issue to approach I’m sure, this article provides an interesting introduction into the topic.

ColorLines- New ACLU report claims Boston has a Stop and Frisk problem. Link to the full report embedded in the ColorLines post.

Telesur- NY Police Won’t Arrest Immigrants Without a Warrant Remains to be seen in practice, but a new ruling suggests this.


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