October 6th Summary

NJ- “How Republicans Stopped being ‘Tough on Crime'” – Op-Ed, provides some good overview of GOP stances on corrections reform, worth a read if this is somewhat unknown to you.

YesInMyBackYard.org This organization just came across my newsfeed today, provides some very interesting state by state data on prison closures and reuse information, as well as case studies, and relevant up to date blog.

The Guardian- New survey from UK suggests increasing proportion of Brittan support more liberal approaches to drug policy. Key figures include 84% saying the decades-long campaign against the global narcotics trade can’t be won, and 52% supporting the introduction of initiatives like those in Colorado and Washington to legalize recreational marijuana.

NY Times- California Voters to Decide on Sending Fewer Criminals to Prison– Provides really great background on Prop 47, which will transform several lower-level, nonviolent felonies into misdemeanors punishable by brief jail stays, rather than state penitentiaries. Provides a great overview, with additional links, to some background on Prop 47, and some mentioning of the somewhat bipartisan support it sees.


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